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Inspired by the words of Winston Churchill a young corporate professional set up The Saffron Foundation in 2002 to work for positively changing the lives of under privileged children, their families and communities.

The Saffron Foundation is a team of dedicated professionals / social workers who are highly experienced in the field of social service and want to create a platform that will be the future stage for the betterment of humanity. It will be a stage wherein the backward class and the people below the line of poverty will find better means to sustain themselves and also find a secure future for them under the banner of The Saffron Foundation. The foundation will leave no holds to reach the state wherein every household will be self reliant and will not have to depend on others for the basic necessities of life. The SAFFRON FOUNDATION is comitted to helping the helpless,homeless,elderly,physically and mentally ill and destitute in India by providing food,health and opportunity to rehabilitate in order to restore human dignity.

Our Agenda

We have streamlined our tasks into the following categories.-
Eradication of Poverty-
A dedicated unit will be put in place that will strive 24*7 365 days round the year just to implement various measures to eradicate poverty. The measures will include jobs, grants, help aids and also we will work in tandem with various polices of the government to work out the best for you.
Strong emphasis will be given on education and also we will form a dedicated unit who will go behind and find different means of making the school going interesting for kids and this will cover scholarships, distribution of school uniform,books,shoes and other necessities that would encourage more and more students to start going to schools.
We will work on all the social evils in the society and take up the responsibility to work to get that positive change. We will live in the present what happened is history what is to happen is not in our control, we have our today and we will make the best use of it. The most experienced of our units will take this task up which will cater free medicines,basic facilities,various awareness programs,counseling units and other various basic necessities of life that will include any requirement depending on the need the deserving are in.

Most Recent Causes

heart helping children

Children are the future of our society. They need to be nurtured, so that thay can transform into better individuals for tomorrow.

heart Education for all

Education is one such asset which no one can take away from us.We The Saffron Foundation will strive hard to educate all who are in need.

heart Ensuring better life

Food,clothing,shelter and other basic commodities will be the prime agenda at The Saffron Foundation.

“A few years ago, I started looking for worthwhile volunteer opportunities. I began volunteering at the downtown location in September of 2009 and the rest is history. I have met so many wonderful people and have made new friendships with other volunteers.” Volunteer Now

What People Say About Us

Kapil Mayur

Saffron has been genuine since day one and I appreciate your commitment towards society.

Shyam Prakash

The events Saffron organized have been really helping the poor,kudos to the founders.



I applaude your sincere efforts towards mankind.